The IDEAL and The REAL

ok folks so here it goes day one of trying to implement this new way of eating into my life. I went shopping today and wow was I surprised at how expensive everything was. I was hoping to buy everything organic and then I realized it simply was not in my budget and I remembered a little tip from my Naturopathic Medical training. If you are unable to buy all of your produce organic you should at least try and buy the dirty dozen organic. What is the dirty dozen you say? It is a list produced by the Environmental Working group read about it here.

The other point I decided with the help of WM is that simply you must do the best you can! A conventional carrot is surely better than the dehydrated version of a carrot buried in a box down one of the center aisles of your supermarket. So eat fresh #1, eat organic as much as you possibly can #2 and #3 be reasonable but, stick with the plan and don't give up it will be worth it in the end!

Here is a picture of my lunch!

Essentially it is a bunch of chopped and sliced veggies. Topped with a dressing I made from Bragg's organic raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw organic coconut aminos from Coconut Secret, lemon juice and a teensy drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive oil. The bread I used was not Ezekiel as suggested in the diet because it contains I opted for Food for Life's Brown Rice bread and I smeared it with fresh avocado.

The veggies were tomatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini, and mini bell peppers. So essentially I just had a big 'ol bowl of veggies for lunch and it was yummy and completly raw!

Lunch was incredibly delicious and filling and I still feel great and full of energy and not weighed down at all. I think I may actually be digesting correctly for the first time in several years.I do not feel gassy or tired or overly full as I sometimes do after a meal.

I can't wait for Dinner! We will be having a vegetable/protein combination soup! At night especially I feel the need for something warm and comforting and soup is just the ticket! It is economical and satisfying and as a bonus my husband really enjoys it as well! Also I think living in the Pacific Northwest we sometimes get too much wet/cold from the weather alone, so I can see that we may tend to want soups and/or more steamed veggies, but you can always start with a raw salad to get those enzymes working!